Anonymous: Well, thanks for answering my I guess "more serious" questions and letting me pick your brain... (sorry for the anon (I don't have a tumblr).

I appreciate the change in pace, and that you recognize and appreciate what I do.

It’s rad to see that someone’s notices the effort I put into this shit. Have a good week.

Anonymous: Do you think geography plays a lot into the success or demise of your brand? For instance, do you think Headhunters would do as well if you were based out of say Utah, as opposed to a more I guess industry driven state? Do you think it's important to relocate to the best market for your brand/service/talent or make do with where you live?

I think I’m fortunate to be from Los Angeles. Everything has it’s place here somewhere ya know? If I were from Wyoming, for instance, yeah there’d be an opportunity to be the biggest clothing brand to come out of Wyoming, but you only get so far in that area. There’s only so many people that want what you have to offer. In Los Angeles, although it is over saturated with brands, there’s no better place to plant your roots. Everything you need, from screen printing, to photographers, and manufacturers is in your own back yard.

Anonymous: Are you broke, making ends meet, or well off? I know it's tasteless to discuss money, but I mean no harm. I always wonder about people who seem to live such a grand life via social media, especially an entrepreneur like yourself and the company you keep -- A lot of us 20somethings will look at you and think "gee, he's clearly well of, why aren't I?" when maybe that's just our perception but not the case, and we should learn from your work ethic and understand success isn't an overnight thing.

I have enough of what I need. I can’t complain with the position I’m in, to do what I love with people I fuck with. I’ve got a good group around me.

My only advice is to never compare your lows to another persons highs, especially on social media. I’ve had my fair share of lows, none that have been shared on Instagram or twitter, because that’s a part of my life I prefer private. But I know the feeling, I graduated from a high school where I was maybe 1 of 7 kids who didn’t go to a nationally ranked 4 year university to follow my passions of rapping and making clothes.

Anonymous: Your asks are actually ridiculous, yet hilarious... How far do you plan on growing Headhunters? Where do you envision the brand in the next 5 years?

I think Headhunters will grow organically, I’m not here to set a limit on how much we’ll expand.

In 5 years, I’d like to see Headhunters pushing boundaries, encompassing the idea of a true lifestyle brand. That’s why I enjoy taking a majority of our photos, and merging Olivver’s merch with our design. Not many brands have the outlet we have. To bring product to you, while giving you the opportunity to see where it comes from.

It’s harder now more than ever to separate yourself in anything, with such an easy platform that is the internet. You simply need a microphone and GarageBand, or a lot of t-shirts and photo shop to create a brand, I guess only time tells where we end up but I’m confident that we’ll be okay. I don’t know haha, come find me 5 years from now and I’ll answer this a little better hopefully.

Anonymous: Ever been in love?

I’m not really sure. I may have thought I was in love, but I don’t know

Anonymous: How old are you? Also, What other business ventures do you have aside from the clothing line?

Headhunters Worldwide over everything.


Anonymous: Do you date in your own race or out of your own race more often? If out, what race have you/do you date the most?

I don’t care about your race. Just be a good person and listen to music I wouldn’t mind on a road trip.

voiceof-treason: I am beyond entertained every time I come to your blog. Jolly ranchers!? Someone needs Jesus.

Some like um slick and thick ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ØV x Headhunters